Rain Saudi arabia
Rain and thundershowers are expected across Saudi Arabia this week. Image Credit: SPA

Dubai: Most regions in Saudi Arabia will continue to experience rainy weather and thunderstorms on Monday and Tuesday, according to the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM).

The regions of Riyadh, Eastern Province (Al Sharqiyah), Qassim, the Northern Border, and Al Jouf are expected to see moderate to heavy thunderstorms, along with torrential rains. Other regions such as Jazan, Hail, Al Baha, Asir, Mecca, and other areas of Riyadh and Al Sharqiyah will experience moderate thunderstorms.

The NCM also warns of potential hail, lack of horizontal visibility, and high waves on coastal cities. The Mecca region, which includes Jeddah and Rabigh, and several regions of Tabuk, including NEOM, Umluj, and the Medina regions that include AlUla and Medina, will see light to moderate rains. In addition, it is possible that snow may fall on the highlands of the Tabuk region, including Jabal Al Lawz, Alaqan, and Al Dhahr.

Temperatures are also expected to drop significantly in some regions. Tabuk, Al Jouf, the Northern Borders, and the north of Madinah will have temperatures between 0 to 5 degrees Celsius on Tuesday night. On Wednesday night, the temperature in Riyadh, Al Qassim, and North Al Sharqiyah will be between 4 and 7 degrees Celsius.

NCM advised the public to take precautions and be prepared for potential disruptions in transportation and other services due to the inclement weather.