Saudi road
Illustrative image. With the technological improvements, the Roads General Authority (RGA) of Saudi Arabia aims to significantly enhance road quality in the kingdom and reduce traffic-related fatalities Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The Roads General Authority (RGA) of Saudi Arabia has introduced advanced technology to upgrade roads leading to the Holy sites for the upcoming Hajj season.

The initiative is a first for the region and aligns with the RGA’s strategy to integrate the latest technological developments into the road sector to improve road quality and encourage innovation.

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The innovative equipment employed by the RGA works by scraping the existing asphalt, recycling it, and repaving it on-site using water instead of heat. This method reduces energy use by 23 per cent and lowers carbon dioxide emissions, supporting the RGA’s commitment to environmental preservation.

The process is efficient and sustainable, involving the removal of the top 5-10 cm of asphalt, which is then mixed with recycled materials and reapplied. This method not only speeds up road repairs but also cuts costs and conserves natural resources.

With these technological improvements, the RGA aims to significantly enhance road quality in Saudi Arabia and reduce traffic-related fatalities, striving to rank sixth globally in road quality and achieve fewer than five traffic deaths per 100,000 people by 2030.