The dancers performing in the Jazan Winter Festival that started on Friday. Image Credit: From the video grab

Cairo: Authorities in a Saudi region have said they are conducting an inquiry after online footage showed foreign dancers performing at a local festival.

The dancers were seen performing in the Jazan Winter Festival that started on Friday in the Saudi south-western region, triggering an outcry on social media. Critics said the dancers were clad in “revealing” costumes.

The Jazan authorities said Governor Prince Mohammed bin Nasser directed an immediate investigation into the participation of a dancing troupe in the events of the 2022 Jazan Winter Festival. The official ordered “necessary measures be taken to prevent any transgression,” authorities said on Twitter.

Spokesman for the region Adel Al Zaray said the governor had followed related reports and ordered the necessary steps to stop events contradicting society’s traditions. The two-week festival aims to showcase the region’s heritage.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has hosted several entertainment events and festivals as part of dramatic changes in the kingdom.