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Cairo: Saudi authorities have urged citizens and expatriates, who own abandoned cars, to make use of a deadline expiring on March 1 to remove them from traffic registration.

The government platform Absher said the owners of the abandoned and malfunctioning cars can revoke their registration through accredited centres before the end of the deadline.

In cooperation with the General Directorate of Traffic, Absher has launched a service enabling the car owners to learn about the accredited centres across the kingdom where they can apply for revoking the registration of different types of vehicles.

Last year, the Saudi government agreed to extend a deadline for owners of abandoned vehicles by one more year to remove them from registrars. The deadline now expires on March 1.

Absher recently introduced a set of new services as part of efforts on transition to digital time-saving services and make them easily accessible to the public.

The services made available via the Interior Minister’s electronic platform included transfer of car ownership among family members, the issuance of a car driving licence from showrooms, the transfer of a motorcycle ownership and the issuance of a motorcycle driving licence and renewal of an upgraded driving licence.

The services came through partnership between security authorities with the Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SDAIA) and the International Information Centre.

In 2013, the kingdom’s Interior Ministry launched the Absher app, which gives Saudi citizens and foreign residents access to a variety of government services. The scope of the services has since largely expanded, including applying for jobs and renewing passports, residency cards and driving licences. The digital transition in the kingdom has picked up pace since the global pandemic.