Riyadh Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has allowed social events — including wedding receptions and other celebrations — to be held from Thursday, with up to 50 people, ensuring guests must wear face masks and abide by the social distancing protocol.

Wedding halls, reception avenues, driving schools, educational institutes, nurseries, barber shops, women’s beauty salons, , massage centres, Moroccan baths and spas, gyms and tailoring shops are allowed to reopen but under restrict precautionary measures and health preventive protocols.

The move is part of a relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions and plans to gradually return to normal life, with additional precautionary measures announced by the Saudi Ministry of Interior on Wednesday evening.

Workers at barber shops, women’s beauty salons, massage centres must wear gloves, face masks and personal preventive equipment. Sauna and steam rooms as well as Moroccan baths must be sanitised after each customer to ensure good ventilation and air purification.

Regarding mosques reopening, toilets and places of ablution are allowed to reopen provided that a worker is assigned to sterilise them after each prayer. Worshippers must maintain a safe social distance of two metres while using toilets and ablution areas.

Old people and persons with chronic diseases are allowed to pray in mosques. Lectures and lessons are allowed to be given at mosques in accordance with the opening period of mosques, and social distancing protocol is followed strictly.

Regarding funerals, people attending a funeral should not exceed 50 persons. Children who are under 15 years and older people suffering from chronic diseases are not allowed to attend funeral and burial services.

Restaurant and cafes at airports are allowed to reopen, ensuring social distancing must be followed. Saudi authorities also allowed that food be served on flights, and family members are allowed to sit together.

Cinemas, and restaurants and cafes in shopping malls and recreation places are allowed to reopen, with the need to abide by precautionary measures and social distancing rules.

Hotels and restaurants must implement all precautionary measures, social distancing protocols and health preventive rules.