The accused, who had pleaded not guilty, will be deported following the completion of his punishment. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: Three judges and three notaries in Saudi Arabia Arabia are facing criminal trials for their alleged involvement in cases of corruption, according to legal sources.

Two of the judges are on trial with other defendants on charges of corruption and abuse of power, and a third judge is facing trial before the Criminal Appeals Court in a bribery case.

Minister of Justice Dr. Walid Al Samaani issued an administrative decision suspending three notaries after the ministry monitored their involvement in a number of violations, most notably, the abuse of power, suspected forgery, and engagement in trade.

The ministry took legal action against them and they were referred to the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority for probing the charges against them.

The sources said that the Ministry of Justice is continuing to implement the highest standards of follow-up and oversight with regard to the performance of its staffers, and holding those who are suspected to be involved in any kinds of abuse of power or violations, and imposing legal penalties against them.

Lawyer Saleh Al Ghamdi, a former member of the Public Prosecution, said the Public Service Crimes Circuits follow up and investigate 29 types of crimes related to employees who are either in service or retired or dismissed or resigned.

“Major crimes while serving in a job include forgery; bribery; embezzlement; wasting public money; breaching obligations of job as a result of request recommendation or mediation; illegally disposing of state funds; exploiting the influence of the public office; misuse of power; abuse of contracts; abuse of authority; and engaging in commercial activities,” he said while noting that every crime has a system for prosecution and through which the convict will be sentenced.