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Manama: A Saudi driver who smashed 10 vehicles on the Suspended Bridge in the capital Riyadh has been arrested.

The police said that the driver in his 20s was driving his pick-up at a high speed to escape from a police patrol after he refused to stop at a check-point when he reached the Suspended Bridge over the Laban Valley in south-west Riyadh late on Tuesday.

The driver, reportedly high on drugs, attempted to force his way past the vehicles queuing up on the bridge, and smashed them, triggering angry reactions.

Some drivers left their cars and chased the reckless Saudi who attempted to reverse his pick-up and find a way out. A video clip of the dramatic scene showed drivers hurling their shoes at him.

The drivers eventually caught him and pulled him out of the window and took him to the police.

A spokesperson for the traffic directorate said that the driver was driving at a high speed and almost ran over a policeman at the checkpoint.

“When he reached the Suspended Bridge, he was frustrated that it was crowded, but he tried to force his way and smashed several cars,” Tariq Al Rubiaan said, quoted by Saudi news site Al Marsad. “His car eventually came to a stop and the other drivers took him out and took him to a traffic policeman. A search revealed that he had some drugs with him.”

The investigations are still going on to determine the extent of the damage to the 10 cars and to prepare the case for a court of justice, the spokesperson added.