Jaber Al Faifi Image Credit: Reuters

Riyadh: Most of the former detainees of the notorious Guantanamo Camp, who returned to Al Qaida after attending the rehabilitation programmes of the Saudi Interior Ministry, have started resuming their contacts with the Rehabilitation Committee in order to facilitate their surrender to Saudi security forces, Major General Mansour Al Tuki said in a press statement.

In another development, an official Saudi source said wanted terror suspect Jabir Al Faifi who earlier turned himself in to the Ministry of Interior in coordination with the security forces in Sana'a, has reportedly participated in Al Qaida attacks on Yemeni government installations and security forces over the past few months. The source added that he announced his surrender and plans to return to the Kingdom in the city of Louder in the province of Abeyn in south Yemen.

Al Faifi escaped to Yemen last year with another wanted militant Nasser Al Washy after graduating from the Mohammad Bin Naif Centre for Rehabilitation and after receiving government assistance for marriage and housing in addition to financial support to open a shop in Taif, the source added.

Al Faifi is number 20 in the list of 85 wanted militants, who were handed over to the Interpol in September 2009.

He was with the 200 besieged Al Qaida militants in the Tora Bora mountain in Afghanistan and was arrested by Pakistani forces while trying to escape Nato bombing.

The source said Al Faifi resumed contact with the rehabilitation centre during Ramadan.

The source added that the man was not arrested by Yemeni forces but turned himself in after he requested assistance and expressed his desire to surrender to authorities.