knife stab
A domestic helper has been arrested in Saudi Arabia after she allegedly stabbed her employer. Image Credit: Agency

Cairo: A Ugandan domestic helper has been arrested after she allegedly fatally stabbed her employer in Saudi Arabia, online newspaper Sabq has reported.

The suspect had inflicted nine knife stabs on her woman employer who was in her 60s and killed her on the spot Thursday in the latter’s house in the Governorate of Al Magarda in south-western Saudi Arabia, according to the report.

When police reached the scene of the murder, they found the alleged killer hiding inside a room of the house. Police removed the room door, arrested the maid and seized the crime tool.

She had a self-inflicted stab suspected to be a suicide attempt, the paper said.

The motive for the murder is not clear yet. The victim employed the suspected killer about three months ago, according to the report.