Rescue efforts underway to save a driver caught in Saudi Arabia floods. Image Credit: Sabq

Manama: Seven members of a Saudi family owed their survival to the extraordinary courage of citizens who braved floods to rescue them.

The family members were trapped inside their vehicle in the middle of the floods in a dangerous area. Residents overheard the screams of the children and, aware that the nearest Civil Defence Centre and the closest Red Crescent office were around 100 kilometres away, decided to work together to rescue the family, local Arabic site Sabq reported on Sunday.

“They were brave volunteers who took on the terrible floods to reach the children and the other members of the family,” said Yahya Asiri, a witness. “They eventually succeeded to pull them to safety.”

Stories of outstanding courage by men in uniform and civilians to save families and careless drivers from the floods and heavy downpour in the country have been highlighted on social networks and blogs.

King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, who has called for the mobilisation of the country’s military and civilian capabilities for search, rescue and assist efforts and for helping people in distress, has ordered financial rewards for distinguished performances.