Image Credit: Social Media

Dubai: A video of a Saudi boy once hooked to dialysis machines due to failed kidneys danced in celebration next to his hospital bed upon learning he had a successful kidney transplant.

The video, taken by his doctor, had since become viral on social media.

The video shows the Saudi boy wearing a face mask and dancing inside a hospital room, and was published by the Saudi Ministry of Health on twitter account on Tuesday.

It has gained traction on Saudi and other Arab social media platforms.

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The video of boy, known as Saif, was taken by his doctor, and shows him rejoicing after his doctor told him that his kidney transplant was a complete success and he won’t be needing any further procedures.

The doctor is heard in the background cheering while Saif danced.

The tweet of the Saudi Ministry of Health explained: “With innocence and happiness, the boy Saif asked his doctor to spread his video for more and more likes.” 

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“The words were expressed from the boy’s heart — after he realised that there will be no more long dialysis sessions and that his kidney transplant has been a success,” the tweet added.

The surgery, according to the ministry, took place in King Fahad Specialist Hospital in Dammam.

The Ministry of Health’s tweet thanked Dr. Mohamad Salah and Dr. Mahmoud Obeid for their excellent job.

It was not immediately clear how long had the boy been undergoing dialysis treatment or who the kidney donor was.