Manama: A wife in Saudi Arabia has asked for divorce after her husband accidentally sent her a picture that was meant for a woman with whom he was having an affair.

The man had been having a relationship with a woman aged in her 20s for two years, according to reports. When the wife’s suspicions that her husband was cheating on her were confirmed, she saved all the WhatsApp messages and pictures on his mobile phone.

The next day, she went to her family in Jeddah and asked them to help her to divorce her husband and to have the custody of their two-year-old daughter, Saudi daily Al Watan reported.

However, the husband refused the request by the family to divorce his wife, prompting her to file a formal case at the court.

The wife told the judges that she insisted on the divorce and gave him all the pictures and messages proving that he was cheating on her.

Confronted with the evidence, the husband admitted his adultery, expressed regret and asked his wife to forgive him.

However, she refused and argued that it was not the first time that he cheated on her. She said she had seen pictures of other women on his mobile when they travelled to an Arab country.

She said her husband often went abroad under the claim that he was on a professional assignment and she now believed he was having affairs.

The case was referred to a reconciliation panel in a final attempt to save the marriage before the court issues its verdict next month.