190127 king fahd causeway
King Fahad Causeway. Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Bahrain is to cancel mandatory PCR tests upon arrival at King Fahd Causeway for all travellers coming to the Kingdom, the state news agency said.

The move, starting January 17, is meant to facilitate travel for those coming to Bahrain and to accommodate the increasing numbers of passengers crossing the causeway, the agency said.

However, passengers bound for Bahrain still have to produce negative PCR tests.

According to the Bahraini news agency, the Bahraini National Medical Team stressed the importance of adhering to the instructions regarding the health procedures to enter Bahrain for Bahraini citizens and travellers from Saudi Arabia.

Passengers need a negative PCR test before arrival in Bahrain in one of the Bahraini or Saudi laboratories accredited by Bahrain. The test result is valid for 72 hours. Alternatively, travellers cantake a PCR test at their expense on arrival in Bahrain at a cost of SR400.

The National Medical Team said that PCR test can be produced through mobile application “Mujtama Wai” or through one of the official Saudi smartphone applications. The original PCR certificates are also accepted.

Earlier in January, the King Fahd Causeway Authority exempted five categories of passengers from paying the test fee..

They are accredited diplomats and their families; those returning from an official government mission; foreign military personnel on official missions and their families; those returning from treatment trips at the expense of the Ministry of Health and their companions; and those participating in clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccine in Bahrain.

Children under the age of six are exempt from undergoing a laboratory examination.