Team unearths residential units, expands north side findings. Image Credit: SPA/X

Riyadh: The Heritage Commission of Saudi Arabia announced its most prominent discovery at the Jurash archaeological site in the Asir region, made during its 15th season of excavations in 2023.

Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported that the Heritage Commission also announced the nomination of the "Jurash Archaeological Site" as one of the most important archaeological sites in the south of the kingdom.

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The scientific team at the site revealed new architectural residential units made of stone and clay, extending discoveries from previous excavations on the site's northern side.

Saudi Heritage Commission announces new archaeological discoveries at the Jurash archaeological site in the Asir

Beyond the residential units, the commission unveiled a remarkable discovery – a new irrigation system. This system features a well built with stacked stones and water channels constructed from double rows of stones.

A large number of stone tools for daily use were also found, in addition to a collection of beads made of fine stones.

The channels distribute water to the units and flow into nearby basins. Additionally, the team uncovered stoves and terraces made of stone and clay.

The archaeologists discovered a significant number of stone tools used in daily life, alongside a collection of delicate beads crafted from precious stones.