Dubai: A Qatari government official publicly congratulated Daesh in 2014 for its takeover of Mosul in 2014, according to newly-discovered tweets.

Hamad Lahhan Al Mohannadi, Deputy Chairman of the Central Municipal Council in Qatar, and the former director of the supply management department of the Qatar Olympic Committee, described the terrorists as “revolutionaries” in his post, which was reported by Al Arabiya journalist Huda Al Saleh.

He posted a photo of Mosul with the caption: “An image of the city of Mosul in Iraq before Iftar (a sunset meal in which Muslims break their fast in Ramadan) the rule of the revolutionaries of Iraq brought back to Mosul its luster and pulled it from the grips of Iran.”

On June 16, 2014, Al Mohannadi went on to praise a Daesh attack on a prison in Iraq’s Tal Afar resulting in the escape of hundreds of inmates, among them Al Qaida operatives.

“Praise be to God, the rebels have freed 716 Sunnis from Tal Afar prison”.

Al Mohannadi still serves as Deputy Chairman and remains active on Twitter.

The tweets are damning proof of Qatar’s irresponsible behaviour by failing to rein in extremists they are openly supporting terrorists.

In June of last year, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE and Egypt severed ties with Qatar accusing it of harbouring terrorists, including senior Muslim Brotherhood members and propagating extremist ideology through its media channel Al Jazeera.

Qatar has remained defiant, for the most part, and unwilling to accept a list of 13 demands set by the Arab Quartet to reset ties.

However, last month Qatar’s Ministry of the Interior has issued a terror list comprising 19 individuals and eight entities.

The list included 10 persons who had been previously listed in the three lists issued by Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, the Quartet that has boycotted Qatar since June 5 for supporting extremists and funding terrorism.

While the Arab Quartet welcomed the issuance of the list, it pointed out that Qatar has procrastinated in submitting it, which has been a demand of the Quartet since the crisis broke out.

Qatar could be finally buckling under US pressure to resolve the crisis where it had been previously dragging its feet and avoiding responsibility.

However, the Arab Quartet maintains that Qatar needs to do more to meet its demands.