qatar skyline
Qatar skyline Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: US media outlet Conservative Review reported that several of the “so-called national security experts at CNN that you see on television every night have direct links to the nation of Qatar, a terror-funding, Islamist enclave in the Middle East that has placed itself on the warpath against America’s most important regional allies.”

Viewers would never know about the connections “because none of the CNN regulars disclose their financial and/or institutional ties to Qatar when they appear on the airwaves.”

“And off air, they are also not forthcoming about their Qatar-backed connections. Even when it comes to discussing issues where they have a clear conflict of interest, such as commenting on Israeli, Saudi, or UAE affairs, these CNN contributors have no issue going to bat against Qatar’s rivals, while never mentioning that their editorial freedom is restricted or that they are personally compromised,” the magazine reported on Tuesday.

Conservative Review named four “CNN regulars”, including two full-time employees, and said they “double as Qatar-tied propagandists, but you would never know it if you only watched CNN.”

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt severed ties with Qatar on June 5, 2017 accusing it of harboring extremists and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood.

Several attempts to resolve the conflict have failed in the past two years.