Oman rain floods
Several parts of Oman have been reeling under heavy rain and floods. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: Several parts of Oman have been reeling under heavy rains which is expected to continue over the coming days as well. Oman Met has announced that a supercell which is approaching the coasts of the governorates of South Al Sharqiyah and Muscat, is likely to give rise to thunderstorms of varying intensity. The continued rainfalls in the south of Al Sharqiyah will also lead to overflow of wadis. MET department had requested all citizens and residents to take caution and advised against venturing out.

Flooded souq and floating vehicles

Friday’s downpour in the capital in the early evening hours lasted for almost an hour that saw many areas getting flooded. Due to the extended curfew hours that started in Oman at 5pm instead of 8pm, much of the traffic was averted. However, despite warnings from Royal Oman Police (ROP), several distress calls were received by the Civil Defence and Ambulance Authority (CDAA) and ROP due to flood water getting into homes, collapse of structures as well as due to being stuck on the road due to flooded roads.

Rain water also got inside Muttrah souq flooding the alleys, as the souq is located just opposite the Muscat port and corniche. Shop-owners and staff were kept busy getting their wares out to a dry and safe place.

Road closed

Due to the rain and flooding, the main thoroughfare between Bausher and Amerat, was closed yesterday. The road passes through some steep curves and is known for its picturesque elevation.

Stranded people rescued at many places

Many who were stranded at various places were rescued by the CDAA and the ROP. An expatriate drowned in Samail, a town 75 kilometres away from Muscat. A family trapped in their home in Kamil as floodwater entered their house in a wild torrent were rescued by the ROP.

National Emergency Management Committee activated

As the number of people in need of rescues grew, the ROP activated the sub-committee of the National Emergency Management Committee in South Al Sharqiyah Governorate. Sur was one of the places in Sharqiya region to receive the maximum amount of rainfall. The ROP was able to move close to 31 families to safe places, and provide support and shelter, in cooperation with the relief and shelter sector in the governorate. Sur monitoring station recorded the highest amount of precipitation over the past two days, exceeding 200mm.