Muscat: More than 75,000 Omanis have been applied for the new national fuel subsidy scheme, according to the National Subsidy System.

The number of applicants is expected to reach 150,000 in the coming days.

Ten thousand citizens have already received fuel subsidy cards, available at petrol stations nationwide.

Last week, Oman’s government announced plans to introduce a new fuel subsidy scheme for low-income Omanis, starting from January.

The government’s decision aims to ensure the welfare of citizens. As per this mechanism, Omani citizens who meet eligibility requirements will get 200 litres per month of M91 petrol at a cost of not more than 180 baisa (about Dh1.71) per litre.

The mechanism relies on a system that connects the Royal Oman Police’s system with fuel marketing companies to ensure accuracy and smooth implementation. This scheme is applicable to Omani citizens above the age of 18, who own in their names a vehicle registered with Royal Oman Police or a fishing boat registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries — if their total monthly income from all sources is not more than 600 riyals.

The cap of 200 litres of M91 petrol was based on an analysis of the data of vehicles registered in the Sultanate, and fuel consumption rate in the past five years. The quantity is also in line with the average consumption by Omani families as shown by figures from the National Centre for Statistics and Information.

Those covered include all Omani employees, entrepreneurs, job seekers, students, housemaids and retirees, as well as fishermen who meet the said eligibility terms.