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Pigeons take cover under the shade of trees on the seafront of Kuwait City on July 2, 2021, as the country recorded extremely high summer temperatures. Image Credit: AFP

Kuwait City: The temperature in the Northern Kuwaiti city of Al Jahra touched 53.5°C, making Kuwait one of the hottest cities in the world.

Last Saturday, Nuwaiseeb, south of Kuwait City bordering Saudi Arabia, recorded the highest temperature in the world, with a record 53.2°C, according to America’s El Dorado Weather.

Compared to its neighbours, Kuwait is the hottest place on earth in 2021. The temperature in Iraq reached 51.6 degree Celsius on July 1 and the Iranian city of Omidiyeh saw temperatures sore to 51°C.

Last month, Kuwait witnessed a heatwave where the temperatures in the north of Kuwait, Abdali and Jahra, reached 50°C.

According to the Norwegian weather monitor Time and Date, Kuwait and Doha on June 5 were the hottest capitals in the world as they reached 48°C.