A resident scrambles for money blown through the streets of Kuwait. Image Credit: YouTube

Dubai: Some fortunate pedestrians and motorists have recently made a windfall after bank notes fell from out of the blue early this month.

The incident took place in Kuwait, not in Dubai, as some media reports have claimed earlier, and caused traffic to stop on one of the city’s busy streets. 

The paper bills, each worth 20 Kuwaiti dinars (Dh248), were purportedly worth at least three million dirhams.

The rare occurrence was caught on mobile phone video that has gone viral since it was posted on YouTube - and turned a lot of people in Dubai green with envy.

The footage, which was uploaded on February 9, shows a number of drivers and passersby stopping in the middle of a highway and in a parking lot; trying to make a dash for the mystery bank notes.

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Several online publications and social media users have falsely reported that the incident took place in Dubai  and that there were approximately half a million pounds being blown down the city’s streets by strong winds.

A source told Gulf News that the footage was not shot in Jumeirah, nor anywhere else in Dubai, but in Kuwait, just outside Fatburger restaurant, one of the tenants in Jassem Tower on Al Soor St.

Shafik Hamza, restaurant manager of Fatburger, said some of his staff witnessed the incident, which happened at 5:30pm early this month.

Strong winds had blown the paper bills towards the area and caught everyone by surprise. None of the witnesses could estimate the total value of the bank notes, but they said each was worth 20 Kuwaiti dinars (Dh248). It was also not known where the cash came from.

“I saw the viral video and people claimed it happened in Dubai. It’s totally wrong. It took place just outside our restaurant.  Some of my staff saw it because it was just in front of the shop. The bank notes were not in dirhams, but 20 Kuwaiti dinars,” Hamza told Gulf News in a telephone interview.

Watch the video here.