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The man who was arrested for begging in Kuwait. Image Credit: Video grab

Dubai: An Asian man caught begging wearing a niqab has been arrested in Kuwait by the General Administration of Residence Affairs Investigation, local media reported.

The arrest comes following a campaign that Kuwaiti authorities have launched to combat begging in the country, particularly in Ramadan.

The Ministry of Interior has emphasised the importance of addressing the problem of begging, which is considered a crime against society and harms the country’s image.

The ministry’s Directorate General of Public Relations and Security Media called on citizens and residents to report any instances of begging by contacting the relevant authorities through provided phone numbers or the emergency number, 112.

The ministry has underlined the crucial role played by citizens in safeguarding their country’s interests.

Security sources have confirmed that any expatriate caught begging will be deported immediately, with their sponsor held legally responsible and possibly blacklisted from sponsoring any expatriates.

To tackle the issue, various sectors of the Ministry of Interior, including the General Administration of Residency Affairs Investigation and the General Administration of Criminal Investigation, have developed a comprehensive plan, reports said.