Manama: More than 93,000 Kuwaitis and Kuwait-based foreigners have been banned from travel after they failed to pay their debts.

According to Ali Al Dhubaha, the chairman of the Sentences Enforcement Department Counselor, out of the 93,099 people, 30,970 are Kuwaitis who owe KD785 million (Dh9.9 billion) to people or establishments and the rest are expatriates who reportedly owe KD543 million (Dh6.8 billion).

Under the law, Kuwaiti citizens who are banned from travel are allowed to go overseas for treatment only once.

Al Dhubabai said that 60,000 people have been issued summons, Kuwaiti daily Arab Times said.

The Sentences Enforcement Department issues at least 300 summons every day throughout the country, he said.