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The Court of Cassation in Kuwait has upheld the verdict issued by the Criminal Court and the Court of Appeals, sentencing a soldier from the Ministry of Interior to death.

The soldier was found guilty of murdering a young Bedouin man in Al Julai’a desert. Additionally, the court has directed that the civil case be transferred to the appropriate legal body.

The lawyer representing the victim’s heirs, Abdul Mohsen Al Qattan, responded to the verdict by emphasising its deterrent effect and urging for the swift implementation of the sentence.

The case, which was the first murder case recorded in 2022, involved a Ministry of Interior soldier. The perpetrator initially confessed to the crime during interrogation, revealing that the murder occurred in the heat of an argument stemming from disagreements with the victim.

It was noted that the victim had been released from central prison a few weeks prior to the incident, after serving 15 years of a sentence, and had been pardoned after 10 years.

On the night of the murder, the operations room of the Ministry of Interior received a late-night report about a body found at Al Julaiah camp. Upon arrival, security forces discovered the corpse, which bore evident signs of strangulation.

The suspect, identified as a deputy officer in the Ministry of Interior, was subsequently arrested. During his interrogation, he confessed to the killing, citing personal disputes as the motive behind his actions.