Sheikh Nawaf
Sheikh Nawaf

Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah has been appointed Emir of Kuwait.  

Sheikh Nawaf, 83, was temporarily given some of the Emir’s constitutional duties on July 18 when the Emir was admitted to hospital for medical checks. Under Kuwaiti law, in the absence of the Emir, the crown prince is appointed as acting ruler. Sheikh Nawaf was sworn in as crown prince in 2006, after Sheikh Sabah was appointed Emir.

The State of Kuwait declared an official mourning for a period of 40 days and the closure of official departments for a period of 3 days from today.


National Assembly Speaker, Marzouq Al Ghanim, said: "The National Assembly will hold a special session on Wednesday at 11am (12pm UAE time), during which Sheikh Nawaf will take the constitutional oath in accordance with Article 60 of the Kuwaiti constitution."

Sheikh Nawaf was the Emir’s half brother, and held previously the position of Minister of Defence and the Minister of Interior.

After the 1990 invasion of Iraq, Sheikh Nawaf assumed the post of Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, which he held until 1992. Between 1994 and 2003, Sheikh Nawaf was appointed the deputy chief of the National Guard.

Sheikh Nawaf played a key role in maintaining the stability and security of the Gulf and played an active role in the meetings of the interior ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), with the aim to joining forces against common threats.

Currently, Sheikh Nawaf is the oldest Crown Prince in the world.