Kuwait City
File photo: An aerial view Kuwait City. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwait has announced the resumption of issuing work visas for Egyptians after a 16-month suspension. The decision, initiated by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defence, and Acting Minister of Interior Sheikh Fahd Al Yousef, follows coordination between the General Directorate of Residency Affairs, the Public Authority for Manpower, and the Kuwaiti embassy in Cairo.

Previously, former Interior Minister Talal Al Khaled had suspended the issuance of work permits for new Egyptian workers. However, under the new directive, applications for private sector work permits will be accepted in accordance with Article 18 regulations.

Reports from local sources indicate that the approval for granting permits is contingent upon the worker undergoing a medical examination in Egypt using their national identification number. This measure aims to ensure the integrity of the examination results and prevent any attempts to manipulate them.

Approximately a month ago, Kuwait had already started accepting applications for work permits for Egyptian workers in the government sector under Article 17 of the Residency Law. The new decision extends the opportunity to those seeking employment in the private sector, marking a significant step towards resuming normalcy in labor relations between Kuwait and Egypt.