Manama: Police in Kuwait have arrested a Pakistani man for having sex with a 10-year-old Bangladeshi girl.

A security source said that the 35-year-old man was apprehended after his wife, also a Pakistani, reported him to the police.

The wife, also in her 30s, said that she discovered her husband’s evil act when she returned home from work earlier than expected,

She usually arrived home after 4pm, almost three hours after her husband who works for a private company.

However, on that day, she arrived before 4 pm to their rented flat in the Salhiya area and found her husband having sex with their neighbour, local daily Al Rai reported on Tuesday.

The wife added that her husband had a video camera recording the sexual act and that at the same time, a pornographic movie was being displayed on the computer.

The wife alerted the police and an investigation was launched, eventually resulting in the arrest of the husband who initially denied any wrongdoing, but later admitted his crime.

He said that he had been sexually involved with their neighbour for the last three months and claimed that he never forced himself on her and that she consented to have sex with him.

He added that it all started when he invited the young neighbour to watch pornographic movies with him and that he used a camera to record whatever happened between them.

The security source told the daily that the girl never reported whatever was happening with the neighbour in his apartment almost on a daily basis in early afternoon to her family.

The parents were summoned to inform them about their daughter and their neighbour. The girl undertook medical checkups while the pedophile husband was referred to the public prosecution for legal action.