Stock Kuwait road bus
Kuwaiti has installed smart cameras to catch violations on the road. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior has installed smart cameras to detect people who use mobile phones while driving; a senior official of the Ministry of Interior announced.

According to a statement carried out by Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), Lieutenant General Tawheed Al Kandari, Director General of Relations and Security Information, said that these high-sensitivity cameras can detect mobile phone users while driving; a main cause of accidents, in addition to violators of the speed limit and the light signs.

Unallowed turns are also caught on the new cameras. Lt. Gen. Al Kandari affirmed that installing the sophisticated cameras would help in decreasing accidents.

The MoI recently said it was installing the cameras on the roads and at some public locations to monitor the illegal use of mobile phones while driving, failure to use the seat belt, illegal turns, and driving back on main roads.

The MoI statistics show that the total number of traffic violations between January 1 and the end of November 2022 amounted to 3.4 million. Accidents resulted in the loss of 170 lives, and it was noted that lack of focus among drivers was the prime cause of accidents.