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Kuwait skyline. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior has announced it will impose a KD9 fee on any type of entry visa for Egyptians, in response to the decision of imposing a $30 fee on Kuwaitis entering Egypt, Kuwaiti media reported.

Officers, soldiers and civilians working at the land and airport ports received a circular that included strict instructions that a fee of KD9 should be collected when issuing any type of visa to Egyptians.

The circular stated everyone should follow the circular and implement the decision from Thursday. Whoever violates these instructions exposes himself to legal accountability. The decision covers Egyptians who enter Kuwait on a new visa either through the air or land port, including those coming from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries for visits, including Egyptian truck drivers coming from the Gulf, and these are obligated to pay 9 dinars, whether in cash or bank cards before they are allowed to enter the country.

However, Egyptians who have residency permits are exempted from any fees when they enter the country, Al Anba newspaper said.