Arrest, generic
Photo used for illustrative purposes. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: Kuwaiti police had arrested a number of people suspected of involvement in immoral acts and cross-dressing in a crackdown on beauty centres and apartments-turned-massage parlours, according to a local report.

“A number of employees were arrested at more than salons and health institutes for having gone beyond health services. They are mostly people imitating the other sex,” a security source was quoted as saying by Al Anba newspaper.

“There is a follow-up of what is posted on social media about these suspicious exercises,” the source added.

The source noted that all those found guilty of involvement in “suspicious practices” will be deported and placed on non-entry lists.

“The Cyber Crime Department occasionally monitors adverts promoting suspicious home services. The offenders will be arrested. If proven to be partners to an immoral crime, they will face legal measures. Expatriate wrongdoers will be deported,” the source added.

Imittating the other sex is an offence in Kuwait punishable by a maximum one year in prison and a fine of up to KD1,000.