A general view of the Kuwaiti Parliament during the fourth session of the 13th legislative term of parliament. Image Credit: Reuters

Manama: Kuwait's constitutional court has annulled the 2012 legislative elections, ruling that the decree to dissolve the parliament elected in 2009 was void.

The unexpected ruling means that the lawmakers elected in 2009, including the first four women to become MPs in Kuwait's history, regain their seats.

The court made the decision based on a case against lawmakers elected on February 2, 2012 and filed by candidates and voters in the First, Second, third and Fourth constituencies.

Under the ruling, the 2009 -2011 parliament will convene and will submit a request to the Emir to dissolve the parliament. Fresh elections will be held within two months of the dissolution.

All laws endorsed by the 2012 parliament will be pending and the next parliament will make its decision on them, news sites reported.

The government initially cancelled the candidacy of some parliament hopefuls, but the administrative court reinstated them.