Members of Kuwait's national guard wearing safety masks keep watch outside a hotel in the capital where Kuwaitis returning from Iran are quarantined and tested for coronavirus COVID-19, on February 24. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwait now has 43 confirmed cases of coronavirus, said an official during a Kuwaiti Ministry of Health conference held on Thursday morning.

The official said all the cases involved are of people who had been to Iran during the month of February.

In the press confrence the official said that there is an open line with the World health organization, and medical teams were formed before the arrival of infected cases to the country and were fully equiped and ready in the sirport.

In the statement, ministry said that "all infected people  are stable and the approved protocols of isolation are [being] administered and all patients [are] receiving the necessary medical care in one of the hospitals prepared and equipped to receive patients."

Adding that the people who were in contact with the infected are under house quarantine and are being monitored closely.