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Expatriates wait in line to be tested at a makeshift testing center in Mishref, Kuwait. Image Credit: Reuters

Cairo: Kuwait has allowed the issuance of residency permits or iqamas for domestic workers in the country via an app for government services, an official has said.

The Interior Ministry has launched the service via the Sahel app, allowing issuance of such workers’ iqamas for the first time, spokesman for the unified government app of electronic services, Youssef Kazem added.

The latest service enables the sponsor of domestic workers to conduct it electronically after finalising related procedures, including a medical checkup and fingerprinting without the need to refer in person to the ministries of foreign affairs and the interior.

“Now it has become possible to issue first-time iqamas for domestic labour via the unified government services app, Sahel. This means saving time and effort of citizens as well as easing pressure on citizen-service centres at the Interior Ministry,” the official said.

In recent months, Kuwait has experienced a shortage of overseas domestic workers due to pandemic-induced restrictions.