Kuwait City
An aerial view of Kuwait City. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Kuwait is set to enjoy a series of long weekends in 2024, as the country announces public holidays for Al Isra Wal Miraj, National Day, and Liberation Day.

The holiday for Al Isra Wal Miraj, also known as the Night of Miraj or Shab‐e-Miraj, is scheduled for Thursday, February 8, 2024. With the standard Friday and Saturday weekend, Kuwaitis and residents will benefit from a three-day break from February 8 to February 10.

Additionally, the country will observe National Day and Liberation Day holidays on Sunday, November 25, and Monday, November 26, respectively. This will result in an extended four-day weekend from February 23 to 26.

Furthermore, on November 20, Kuwait declared a four-day public holiday for the New Year. The country has designated Sunday, December 31, 2023, and Monday, January 1, 2024, as public holidays, extending the weekend for its citizens and residents.