Kuwait City
An aerial view Kuwait City. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Kuwaiti authorities defused explosives dating back to Saddam Hussein’s 1990 invasion of the country after they had been found buried on a beach, according to a Kuwaiti media report.

Al Anba newspaper reported that the Interior Ministry defused this week a large number of projectiles and cluster bombs that cleaning workers of a project on the Salmiya Beach had stumbled upon them while doing their job.

The ministry’s explosives department was notified of the haul. After inspection, the explosives personnel found out that the unexploded ordnance had been left behind from the Iraqi incursion era.

Consequently, the site was sealed off and secured while the bombs and projectiles were assembled in one place where it was defused by a robot, the paper said.

No casualties or damage was reported.

In recent years, Kuwaiti media has reported the discovery of explosive devices left behind by the invaders.

In February last year an Indian shepherd in Kuwait had his hand amputated in an explosion of a landmine dating back to the 1990 invasion, Al Anba reported at the time.

The man was transferred to an intensive care unit after the incident that occurred in Al Metlaa desert area in Al Jahra governorate in western Kuwait.

The incident was reported as Kuwait was celebrating the Liberation Day anniversary, marking the expulsion of Saddam Hussein’s troops from the country after an occupation of more than six months.

Earlier in 2022, torrential rains in Kuwait exposed cluster bombs dating back to the incursion in the desert area of Kabad in Al Jahra.