The nurse after the attack. Inset: the doctor's finger - Credit: Al Qabas

Manama: Four Kuwaiti relatives have attacked a doctor and a male nurse in Kuwait and the incident renewed calls for a stricter application of the law and the adoption of new ways to deal with antagonistic behaviour.

The attack occurred at the Adan Hospital in Al Ahmadi in southern Kuwait after the patient who was being treated at the orthopaedic department was referred by his Kuwaiti doctor to the radiology department.

However, when he reportedly walked into the emergency department, a Syrian male nurse informed him he was at the wrong place and that he should go to the radiology department, Kuwaiti daily Al Qabas reported.

The patient reacted angrily following which a verbal argument ensued between the patient and the nurse resulting in the patient and his companions beating up the Syrian paramedic.

As a doctor came out of the room to check the reason for the chaos, the four Kuwaitis attacked him, fracturing one of his fingers. The nurse sustained deep wounds on the head, the daily said.

Doctors, paramedics and people at the hospital tried to intercede and put an end to the aggression, but the attackers were relentless until they fled the hospital,

The police were able to identify the patient after checking hospital records and summoned him for investigation. The other three Kuwaitis will also be called in for questioning, security sources told the daily.

“The issue in fighting violence is not just adopting a security approach because antagonistic behaviours are unfortunately prevalent, mainly among young people,” the sources said. “Simple arguments often degenerate into fights and acts of violence. We do need to deepen the culture of accepting the other and promoting tolerance. The energy of young people should be used positively,” the sources added.

Kuwait Medical Association (KMA) condemned the attack and called for legal action against the aggressors.

“The Association has finished a draft to amend the law in order to provide a better protection for doctors and paramedics,” the association said. “We urge the competent authorities to amend the law as soon as possible.”