Stock Kuwait city skyline
Kuwait will allow workers to transfer their work permits after one year instead of three years. Image Credit: AFP

Kuwait City: The Director General of the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), Ahmed Al Mousa, issued a decision to allow workers to transfer their work permits after one year instead of three years, local media reported.

Al Mousa said in a statement the decision to transfer workers’ permits are permitted to employers that are listed in the Labour Department and is contingent on the worker completing one year since the date his work permit was issued.

The employer must approve the transfer of the work permit.

The decision comes as Kuwait’s labour market is struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic and with an aim of facilitating easier movement for employees and employers.

Struggle of labour market

Over the past year, the labour market in Kuwait has been negatively impacted as thousands of migrant workers are stuck abroad and many others fled Kuwait.

Due to travel restrictions and bans, many migrant workers have been stuck outside of Kuwait for a long period of time, unsure when they will return.

On the other hand, many migrant workers left especially those that have expired residency permits that were not renewed. In addition, with stricter residency laws and rise in xenophobia towards non-Kuwaitis many decided to leave Kuwait for good.

Both scenarios have led to a shortage of migrant workers in Kuwait, thus probing the government to issue decisions, like this one, that make it easier for transfer of labour within Kuwait.