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Cairo: Kuwaiti police had arrested an expatriate driver who had allegedly recruited a charlatan from his country to bring a Kuwaiti businessman under his control and manipulate him, local media reported.

The arrests were made in response to a police report from the businessman’s brother, who claimed major changes in his sibling’s behaviour purportedly under influence of his Indian driver, Al Anba newspaper said, citing a security source.

The claimant said that despite the driver’s low pay, he has recently shown signs of fabulous wealth, alleging he had financially exploited his helpless brother under the influence of magic.

In reaction, police had put the driver under a close eye and found out that he had brought in a charlatan from his home country on the alleged victim’s sponsorship, according to the source.

After arrest, both suspects admitted to having used amulets to bring the businessman under their control and having milked him for money, according to the report.

They guided police to the seized money and magic tools. However, the alleged victim interfered and asked police to release both suspects, an act seen by his brother as a proof that the businessman is still under their spell.

The suspects are kept in custody pending further interrogations.