The impressive garment measures 17 by 16 meters. Image Credit: Kuna

Guinness Book of Records recognizes Kuwait’s impressive bisht achievement

Dubai: Kuwait has set a new world record for the largest bisht in the world. The impressive garment, measuring 17 by 16 meters, broke the previous record of 17 by 9 meters held by Saudi Arabia, Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) reported.

The bisht was produced under the supervision of the Al Baghli Exhibition for the Bisht Industry, a well-known establishment in Kuwait famous for its high-quality traditional garments. Its sewing took a total of 48 days, with the team of craftsmen working tirelessly to ensure every detail was perfect.

The achievement has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records, with Guinness-accredited arbitrator Kenzi Al Dafrawi honouring Riyad Al Baghli, owner of the Bisht Al Baghli exhibition.

A bisht is a long cloak traditionally worn over a thobe or kandura at special occasions or celebrations in Middle Eastern countries.

The garments are typically black, but also come in white and brown, and are made from a light, often sheer, material with gold trimming.

Traditionally, they are worn at times of celebration, for weddings, Eid and significant festivals. Historically, they were a winter garment, reserved for keeping the wearer warm on colder nights.