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Cairo: Kuwaiti police, searching for illegal expatriates, had cracked down on a makeshift alcohol factory where they arrested 14 migrants, local media.

The offenders, holding Asian nationalities, will be deported.

Large quantities of banned alcohol were seized before they were to be illicitly marketed, along with tools and equipment used in manufacture of alcohol. The seized alcohol and instruments will be destroyed.

The raid came in response to a tip off that expatriates were using a residential annex in the governorate of Al Farwaniyah to manufacture alcohol, a security source said.

Police also found out that a number of expats inside the makeshift factory were violators of Kuwait’s residency law.

Kuwait has repeatedly extended the grace period for illegal foreign residents in the past months to allow time for them to legalise their status.

The country of around 4.6 million people mostly migrant workers has in recent months sought to redress its demographic imbalance amid fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic.