Image Credit: Pixabay

Dubai: A man has been arrested in Bahrain and ordered to be examined by doctors after attempting to kill his son with a chainsaw, local media reported.

The High Criminal Court has ordered a mental health examination for the man to determine if the accused could be held responsible for his actions.

According to case files, the suspect attempted to harm his son with the chainsaw, claiming that the teen was drug-addled and unstable.

The boy’s mother told the court that the father and son had a strained relationship and barely spoke. “The school even called us once because they found our son smoking e-cigarettes,” she said tearfully.

Recalling the traumatic incident, the mother said she was out running errands when her husband attacked their son in their home. “I came back to find my husband covered in blood, and my son was fighting for his life in a pool of blood,” she said. “Thank God, the doctors were able to save him.”

The father surrendered to police and confessed to the crime. During interrogation, he told prosecutors that his son regularly insulted him and that the attack was a result of losing control.