Stock crime police jailed
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: An expat teacher of Arab nationality has been sentenced to one year in jail and deportation after completing prison term for forging attendance and students’ evaluation records, Bahrain media reported.

According to court files, the public school teacher forged attendance and evaluation reports of students in the school in 2018.

It all began when the school had suspicious about a signature on one of the reports filed by the teacher. The report, school administration found, had two signatures - one belonged to the teacher, and the other was of his department head.

But when the school looked into it, they discovered that the department head hadn’t actually signed the report. "I asked him to make some adjustments when he brought me these reports. However, he submitted them to the school administration using a faked version of my signature," according to the department head.

Following the incident, the Ministry of Education set up a committee to probe the matter, which proved the teacher’s crime, and the school filed a case with the police.

Police investigation also revealed a discrepancy in the evaluation records of students filed by the teacher. The report said the evaluation of the students on papers is different from that of online.

The teacher was also found guilty of manipulating the attendance reports of his students. Investigation proved that he had marked present even for students who were absent. Public Prosecution charged him with forgery and misconduct and sentenced him to one year in jail plus deportation.