Baby cot with built-in iPad
Image Credit: Supplied

London: A British baby furniture company has created the world’s first £1,500 (Dh7,171) ‘smart cot’ with an iPad.

The cot has received online backlash from parents and child psychologists.

Gary Taylor, the owner of Babeek, created the cot after having trouble getting his daughter Graysie to sleep. He said he included an iPad to play white noise to her, private news channel reported.

“Given the available literature surrounding screens and sleep and that of early attachment, creating a cot with a built-in iPad is simply outrageous,” said Dr Allen. “Whilst it could be argued that it could be used as a nightlight, to play soothing melodies or be a means for a parent to keep their eye on their child.”

Parents have also slammed the cot and called it ridiculous, claiming the smart cot was a way for lazy mothers and fathers to occupy their children.

The maker explained their stance by saying how the iPad could be used as a way for parents to make life easier for themselves.