Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson
In this two photo file combo image, Jeremy Hunt, left, and Boris Johnson, right, who are the final two contenders for leadership of the Conservative Party, Thursday June 20, 2019. Image Credit: AP

LONDON: Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt will battle it out over the next month for the leadership of Britain’s governing Conservative party, with the winner set to replace Theresa May as prime minister.

Here is the timetable for the leadership contest, May’s final duties as PM and the key dates for the new premier on the road ahead to Brexit:

June 22: Leadership rivals take part in a hustings before Conservative party members in the central English city of Birmingham, the first of 16 such events taking place across Britain.

June 28-29: Theresa May due to attend G20 summit in Osaka, Japan.

July 2: Inaugural session of the new European Parliament. Britain’s newly elected MEPs take their seats, including 29 from the Brexit Party — the biggest single party in the chamber.

July 6-8: Postal ballots sent out to Conservative party members to choose a new leader. They can start voting immediately.

July 13: Third anniversary of May becoming prime minister.

July 15: This week will see the final leadership hustings before Conservative party members, in London.

July 22: The result of the leadership contest will be announced this week.

July 24: Prime minister’s weekly questions session in parliament. It will either be May’s last appearance or the first one for the new premier.

July 25: Parliament’s lower House of Commons is scheduled to begin a six-week summer break, despite the looming Brexit deadline.

August 25-27: G7 summit in Biarritz, southwest France. New British prime minister due to attend.

September 3: House of Commons due to return from its summer recess.

September 14: The party conference season begins with the Liberal Democrat conference, followed by the Labour main opposition the following week. Parliament is normally in recess during these three weeks, further reducing the time available to debate Brexit.

September 29-October 2: Conservative party conference in Manchester, northwest England. The new party leader will address the annual gathering.

October 17-18: EU summit in Brussels. British prime minister due to attend if the UK is still in the bloc.

October 31: Barring a third postponement or an earlier departure, Britain leaves the European Union.