Henri and Laika video chat
Henri and Laika video chat Image Credit: Facebook/Storyful

It is not just humans who have adopted video calling as their means to see each other amidst the coronavirus outbreak, a pair of dogs who are best friends have proven that and the video instantly went viral of the two ‘conferencing’.

The video, which was shared by Jeremy Howard, shows his dog Laika having a heart-to-heart with its best friend, Henri. The zoom call was set up by Howard between his pet and Henri on April 6. He was able to record clips of the conversation between the two pets.

In the video, the two canines ‘chat’ over a Zoom call in Ramelton, Ireland. As Henri howls at Laika, the latter is seen jumping and barking with excitement.

Before the lockdown, these animal buddies used to keep each other company while one of their owners was at work. “Laika and Henri are best friends,” husky owner Howard said. “They miss each other quite a bit but are getting pretty handy at the video messaging,” Howard told Ireland-based Storyful, a social media intelligence agency.

The heartwarming video of the two dog best friends went viral online and netizens were instant fans of the two.

Twitter user @BiigPete wrote about the fame the dogs have gotten: “Over 35 news channels sharing Laika and Henri. This one 140k views in 5 hours. How many Spotify listens does your band get?”