Old man coronavirus
China: Video of old man suffering from coronavirus and taking care of his ill wife has gone viral Image Credit: Twitter/ @PDChina

A video of an 87-year-old, who was infected by the deadly coronavirus in China, visiting his ailing wife who contracted the same has touched the hearts of many and gone viral online.

The clip was shared online by Chinese newspaper People’s Daily with the caption: “I’ll love you forever, every single day of forever: An 87-yr-old man diagnosed with #COVID19 held an infusion bottle to visit his wife, also a #COVID19 patient, from the ward next door and patiently gave her water and food. Hope you recover soon!”

The elderly man was admitted in the ward next to his wife and visited to take care of her, according to the post.

The video shows him holding an infusion bottle, giving his wife water and food as his ill wife lies on the hospital bed.

The clip currently has almost 125,000 views and over 700 retweets.

Social media reaction

The video garnered emotional responses from netizens who wished the couple a speedy recovery.

Replying to People’s Daily’s post, one Twitter user, @E80NYANGEL, wrote: “This is true love so beautiful to see! Wishing them a speedy recovery.”

Tweep @SalmaIb37513528 had similar thoughts and wished for the deadly virus to disappear: “So emotional I hope everyone get well soon and the virus disappears suddenly just like it appeared.”

Deadly coronavirus in China

The total number of deaths from the virus outbreak as reported on Sunday, February 16 was at 1,665 among 68,500 cases, mostly in the central province of Hubei.