Roma Point Bridge Philippines
The 1.7km cable-stayed bridge will cross Silangan Pass, which separates the mainland Luzon and Alabat Island in Quezon Province, about 244km east of Manila. Image Credit: Screegrab | DPWH | Facebook

Manila: A new 1-billion-peso bridge spanning 1.7km is taking shape in the Philippine province of Quezon, dubbed as the longest over-the-water link in the Calabarzon region. It is set to link some of the country's best Pacific-facing beach front properties and an upcoming 55-megawatt wind farm.

Roma Point Bridge (also known as Canda-Hondagua-Roma Point Quezon Bridge) will connect mainland Luzon from the town of Calauag, in Quezon province to the 192 km² island of Alabat.

Roma Point Bridge Philippines
Roma Point Bridge columns already in place as of February 2024.
Roma Point Bridge Facts
Type: Cable-stayed bridge
Location: Calauag, Quezon to Alabat Island
Length: 1.7 km
Longest span: 800 m (2,600 ft)
Capacity: 2-lane, single carriageway
Project started: 2018
Roma Point Bridge Philippines
Calauag town is about 240km southeast of Manila. The Roma Point Bridge will connect Luzon mainland to the three municipalities on Alabat Island – Perez, Alabat, and Quezon – across the Silangan Pass. Image Credit: Google Maps | DPWH

The bridge-building project is one of the major infrastructure projects in the country aimed to spur economic growth and development in rural areas. The Philippines has more than 7,600 islands.

Roma Point Bridge Philippines
The Philippines' Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) stated that the Roma Point Bridge would be the province’s longest bridge. The DPWH has earmarked Php1 billion ($17.8 million) for the project.

The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) kicked off Roma Point Bridge construction in 2018. Work was briefly hit by the pandemic, but construction is back to a frenetic pace.

Currently, the sole means of transportation between the island and mainland Luzon remains boat trips, often canceled in inclement weather. The pandemic has also exposed the necessity of improved healthcare access for the island's 43,000 residents.

Roma Point Bridge Philippines
Workers prepare reinforcement steel bars to form the bridge foundations. As of May 2022, the Bridge was already 69.85 per cent complete, according to a DPWH update.


Alabat Island, between Calauag Bay and Lopez Bay, is known as a “hidden gem” with pristine waters, sweet coconuts, exquisite honey, plenty of seafood, and beach resorts.

Roma Point Bridge Philippines
Piles ready for the installation of foundation caps upon which columns will be erected to hold the girders and the bridge superstructure.

The project site, selected following a feasibility study, prioritised the shortest and safest route compared to other options. The island is currently being developed as a tourist destination; the bridge’s successful completion would boost local tourism.

Roma Point Bridge Philippines
Once completed, the bridge is expected to significantly cut travel time to Quezon province’s Pacific shoreline and three island towns.

The link will expedite travel for passengers, cargo, and goods between the land and the isolated island towns' ferries and other water transport systems.

Alabat Wind Farm

The island is also the site of the planned Alabat Island Wind Farm, a 55MW onshore wind power project being developed and currently owned by Alternergy Philippines Holding, which is partly owned by the state-run GSIS pension fund.

The wind turbine project construction is expected to commence this year and will enter into commercial operation by 2025.

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