A picture of Brian Velasco that was shared on social media Image Credit: Twitter/@Papa_canthought

Dubai: A musician in the Philippines live streamed his own death on Facebook, as he fell from the 34th floor ending a long battle with clinical depression.

41-year-old drummer Brian Velasco played for the band Razorback and according to news website mirror.co.uk, he said good bye to his friends and family with a final message: “I’m going to go now.”

He reportedly then said, “Here I go,” before jumping to his death.

According to the report, Manila Police District Homicide Section said that his body was found on a safety canopy on the ground floor.

@IrishDDizon: “Please do not share Brian Velasco’s suicide video. It’s not entertainment. Someone DIED. Please do not let your need for [rumour] overpower your humanity. Rest in peace, Brian.”

In a tweet, the Philippines Department of Health sent out condolences to Velasco’s family and friends and urged people to stop sharing the video.



Several social media users spoke up about the need to address depression using the hashtag #DepressionIsNotAJoke.

Tweep @johnsalvacruzph reacted to the news, writing: “So, I just heard what’s been going on. Brian Velasco, drummer of Razorback has taken his own life due to depression. Some or most people think depression is a joke. He showed us that it isn’t. This is a really sad day for OPM [Filipino music]. Thank you for the music.”


Sharing her own experience with depression, tweep @ruthipieee asked people to reach out if they were struggling: “Let me know and let’s empower each other. Or let someone know or seek help. Suicide is NOT an option! We should always look on the brighter side of life. #SaveSomeone #ReachOut We can do better. Our lives matter. We deserve better. #WeCanOvercome.”