Karachi traffic jam
The federal government will acquire state-of-the-art buses for the Green Line section of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) in Karachi. Image Credit: AFP

Karachi: The federal government has reached an agreement to acquire state-of-the-art buses for the federally funded Green Line section of the Bus Rapid Transit System (BRTS) - the first formal mass transit system in Karachi.

Sindh Governor Imran Ismail disclosed this while meeting at Governor House, Karachi a delegation of under-training police officers belonging to the National Police Academy in Islamabad.

Ismail said the new state-of-the-art buses would soon become operational on the Green Line section of BRTS to fulfill the long-standing demand of people of Karachi that the provincial capital should get a proper mass transit system.

The 26 kilometres-long Green Line section from Surjani Town in suburbs of Karachi till Merewether Tower in the city centre is likely to become operational by the mid of the New Year 2021.

The Green Line section of BRTS has been under-construction in Karachi for over last four years as its completion has got delayed due to various reasons as being a groundbreaking project of mass transportation in the city.

Completion of the Green Line metro bus service in Karachi is one of the main components of the federal government’s commitments as a part of Rs 1100 billion historic development package for Karachi. Both federal and Sindh governments have been providing resources for the new Karachi development package announced after devastating monsoon rains in the city in August 2020.

Fullest support

Sindh governor also informed the delegation that Prime Minister Imran Khan took keen interest in development and progress of Karachi as that was why the federal government had been providing fullest support to upgrade civic infrastructure of the city.

He said the federal government had also purchased 50 new fire engines and two bowsers to beef-up the firefighting system of Karachi.

He said that two of these fire engines would be given to each of the industrial estates in Karachi so to promptly use them in case of any fire emergency in the industries.