190816 london protest
Demonstrator protest against the scrapping of the special constitutional status in Kashmir by the Indian government, outside the Indian High Commission in London. Image Credit: Reuters

London: Indians and people of Indian origin gathered outside the Indian High Commission in London to celebrate the 73rd Independence Day of India were abused, and pelted with eggs and water bottles by protesters, who included separatist Sikhs.

Thousands of protesters, waving Pakistani and Kashmiri flags, rallied outside the Indian High Commission on Thursday and resorted to violence, against the revocation of special status for Jammu and Kashmir, bringing central London to a complete halt.

The police were outnumbered by the protesters who also damaged the Indian Tricolour and threw stones at the Indian mission. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan’s special adviser on overseas Pakistanis Zulfi Bukhari attended the rally and also addressed the charged crowd.

Vijay Chauthaiwale, BJP’s In-Charge, Foreign Affairs Department, termed the happenings outside the Indian High Commission “quite deplorable”. He said that stones were thrown at the Indian mission, and the Indian tricolour was damaged. The police were outnumbered by the protesters.

As the Indians held aloft the Indian flag and shouted “Modi, Modi”, alleged Pakistanis shouted slogans against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They were protesting against the revocation of special status for Kashmir.

Chauthaiwale tweeted: “What happened today in front of the INDIAN High Commission in London is quite deplorable. @BBCWorld will never report it,” he said, referring to BBC’s reportage of the alleged massive protests in Kashmir Valley last Friday.

“Women and children who came to celebrate Independence Day were abused, eggs and water bottle thrown on them by … goons,” he said.

“People of Indian origin were surrounded by large number of protesters, threatening physical attacks. Stones were thrown at HC building, Indian flag was damaged. Police were outnumbered.

“Thanks to l staff of @HCI_London and HC, everyone was brought inside the building, they were offered food and water and were safely sent back to their homes. It’s time for @SadiqKhan (London Mayor) @metpoliceuk to take appropriate action against these goons. Hope @UKinIndia too take a note,” he posted.

An Indian who was present at the venue, wrote on twitter: “Indians happily celebrating their #IndependenceDayIndia outside the @HCI_London being surrounded by aggressive mobs of Pakistani and Khalistanis. Women and children are being hurt!”, and tagged Prime Minister @BorisJohnson

A twitter handle called Kashmir Pandits News, too tweeted: “Live situation outside High Commison of India London. Violent Pakistanis trying to attack Indians who gathered for Independence Day celebration.”

According to reports, the police have made a few arrests in the case.

Lax security arrangements

Meanwhile. London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been slammed online for inadequate security arrangements outside the Indian High Commission.

The Pakistan-origin London Mayor was the target of Twitterati after the violence. Some accused him of “supporting the violent protest” while many called him to vacate his office.

“News of stone pelting, bottles, eggs being thrown at Indians by Pakistani and pro Khalistani Kashmiri separatist protesters. @MayorofLondon get your act together and stop this violence. If you cant its time for you to vacate your office,” wrote one user.

“Shocked and saddened that this has been allowed to happened outside the Indian High Commission and the London Mayor chose to allow it what message does this send around the world Khan? You are a big embarrassment to London and need to go now,” tweeted one user.

The Scotland Yard said that four people were arrested after the violence, reports said.