Colonel's wife
Woman abuses cop in Pakistan, claims she is a 'colonel's wife' Image Credit: Twitter

A video went viral on Pakistan's social media of a woman claiming to be a “colonel’s wife” at Hazara Motorway in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The woman could be seen forcing her way out of a blockade, as the police have instructions to not allow anyone to move.

According to local media reports, the incident occurred on May 20 at around 5 pm local time when the woman along with a young man, who apparently seems to be her son, were travelling to the Shankari area from Mehsehra city in the northern province.

“I am wife of a colonel and remove the hurdles from my way,” the woman is heard saying to the police officials.

Later, she came out of her car, removing the barrier and throwing the drum put there to stop the traffic and drove her car through, as some of the police officials are seen chasing it.

The clip triggered a debate about implementation of state laws and elitism online.

Many condemned her behaviour, while others lauded the cops for dealing with the situation calmly.

The hashtag #ColonelKiBiwi (colonel’s wife in Urdu) was the top trend on Twitter in Pakistan on May 21.

Tweep @SameenaERana wrote: “Colonel’s wife was arrogant and ill mannered. She should be punished for arguing and hindering on duty police officer to perform his duties BUT she doesn’t depict any institution’s mindset or way of course. Some people have got licence to malign army as if she was [Chief of Army Staff] COAS, herself.

Tweep @UsmanAliKashmi2 wrote: "This superiority complex must end now. A soldier should act like a soldier instead of being perceptive as a God. How this low life and ominous lady rebuked these police officials must be condemned hard and that colonel have to be strictly retributed. #ColonelKiBiwi"

According to a number of media personnel and state officials, like anchorperson Gharida Farooqui and Senator Rehman Malik, Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff has taken “disciplinary” action towards the alleged “colonel” in question.

Malik, @SenRehmanMalik, tweeted: “We must appreciate the prompt notice taken by General Qamar Javed Bajawa COAS by ordering disciplinary action against the officer whose family misbehaved on the road side with the police. It shows how good built in accountability system is in Pakistan Army. I hope civil side also follows it.”

However, no official statements from the army or police have emerged.